Thursday, January 12, 2012

Ethan turns 2.

My baby. :( My baby turned 2! I cannot believe it. He is so big! I almost cannot life him into his car seat anymore! Well we celebrated Ethans birthday at chuck e cheeses! We were so excited and then we got there. :( Totally lame. There is not much for a 2 year old to do at this place. Well at least this location. So his playing consisted of climbing up and down the slide, which scared the heck out of me because there were a lot of older kids playing in the play place and they could have taken him out on their way down! and that is it. So it was a bust but maybe it will be better next year! If we choose to go back! At least he seemed to have fun...













Wednesday, January 11, 2012

December Thirty One.

Happy New Years! Oh, am I too late? Oh well! I was asleep during midnight anyway. No I totally understand staying up late and partying when you can and you don't have responsibilities in the morning. New Year's Eve could be so much fun. Maybe one of these years we will ditch the kiddos and have a fun night just Adam and me. ha ha. We'll see :)

This was before the late night festivities. Every one outside playing with the neighborhood kids. It was so much and Ethan went on a bike ride with daddy!

I was up until I went to lay down with Ethan to put him to bed. I was out like a light. Probably even before he was and then Adam woke me up at 12:05 saying honey, its time go. So I got up. But he told me afterward that almost everyone had fallen asleep so then I did not feel too bad! ha ha. 




IMG_0972 copy

Trevor James Sargeant Turns One.

So as I mentioned in the last post, Trevor turned 1. I cannot believe it! He is so little that One does not sound right. This last year has been crazy and hard hard hard but this day helped me realize how absolutely special it was, and how every ounce of hard was worth it.

It was a small gathering of family but it was so nice that my Mom and Dad came to celebrate with us. We lived with them for the first nine months of Trev's life and it is so sad to not be near them anymore. The boys certainly miss their Grandma and Grandpa, and so do we!

We ate food, and yummy cupcakes and talked and talked and talked. Then I got to open Trevor's presents since he did not quite get the hang of it but oh boy! did he sure LOVE his cupcake eating. We went for a cupcake instead of a cake so that he would eat less and I am sure glad we did because he literally ate every single bite!

There was no shortage of fun. The nieces/girl cousins all dressed up in princess dresses while Ethan tried to steal their high heels and beads :) He needs some boy cousins his age! It's killing his daddy :) And of course BOTH Grandpas fell asleep. Classic. 

Trevor we love you so much and are so happy that we get to see you grow and learn on a daily basis. 







Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Celebrating 1.

So this post is only 1 month old. I decided to start blogging our current events first and then every once in a while throwing in something that I missed from the past. I am not good at keeping up to date on blogging so hopefully I can learn to be better.

We celebrated Trevor's First Birthday on his actual birthday, Wednesday December 14. It was just Me, Adam, Ethan and Trevor and we loved it. It is not very often that we get to go out with the boys just the four of us and it was a blast.

We decided to go to John's Incredible Pizza. The food was good and the boys were good. They had so much fun. Well, correction. Ethan had a blast. The play area was perfect for Trevor but this is where we found out about Trevor's deathly fear of hectic places. He just cries. Really hard. And only wants me. It was so sad. He just laid there with his head in my neck and did not move. Except every once in a while when he would look up to make sure we were still in this terrible place or what a certain noise was and then he would just lay back down. :( I was so sad for him.

Maybe next year!





IMG_0781 copy

Ethan Slide



Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Our trip to Bakersfield!

This trip obviously happened before we moved back to Bakersfield! Ha ha, I am so far behind in blogging it is not even funny! But here are some pictures to enjoy! I cannot even remember if this was the trip we made for the 4th of July or for our niece and nephews birthdays! Wow, where has my mind gone? But either way, it was so much fun. This is a makeshift water slide using a tarp and a hose! The kids loved it and it was sooooo warm outside that it was just perfect. It is so fun seeing the joy in your babies eyes of pure happiness :) And seeing how amazing their daddy is with them. This is what we are truly here for... Family and pure joy. That's all, and it's perfect! Enjoy.

Trevor was so cute to watch, he was very timid but we could tell he enjoyed his ride time with daddy, so much!

This is Grandma Bowman and Zachary! He is such a sweet boy and we sure do miss Grandma when she is not here!
Father & Son, best pictures Ever.

Sweet cousin Crystal. This is Zachary's older sister. She is 1 Year older than Ethan and they are such great friends! If any of you know how much Ethan likes his space (Even from Mommy! :( ) Then you will be VERY surprised to know that whenever Ethan sees crystal for the first time, he goes to her, and waits with his head forward and mouth open for a kiss! What?! Who are you? :) We love them so much!
Crazy rides with Uncle Jon!

Crazy Uncle Nathan!


I am so happy Daddy :)
Grandma Sargeant and Zachary...
Daddy and me :)
So this photo and the next one had to be the highlight of the trip. Adam and Nathan decided to play chicken or maybe not chicken but they slid into each other with the idea that at the latest possible second one would go over and one would go under. But! they forgot to decide who was doing which! ha ha. we resulted in these photos. A very rough collision and  a lot of pain! Thanks for the entertainment guys!


My sweet boy!

mm mm cute.
Adam? Oh wait, no, this is a picture of Trevor :)

This trip was so much fun and I am so glad we have these pictures to remember forever. This beautiful backyard is my sister Brenda's, It is so much fun to have this space for the growing amount of grandchildren in this family!